Boat Registration & Storage

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Boat Registration and Storage for 2023/24.

Each year boat owners are required to register their boat to compete in the clubs sailing programs.

Please CLICK HERE to go straight to the Boat Registration Page

Please CLICK HERE to go straight to the Safety Equipment Audit page


You will need the following information to complete the process"

Boat details: Class of Boat, Boat Name and Sail No.

Trailer rego: Rego No

Boat insurance: Insurance policy document showing Insurance Company, Policy Number, Renewal Date, level of cover. Save your insurance certificate as a file on your compute, use the upload featurb, then find the file to upload

Safety Equipment Declaration: A completed Safety Equipment Audit form (please see links on the boat registration page). Please save the file to your computer, and upliad to the registration form

Motor Boat License Licence number and exp date

Working with Children WWC number and exp date

Photos, photos taken can be used in clubs publications

If you have a 2nd boat to register there is a separate registration for your 2nd boat.



Members will receive invoices from the club via email. The email will consist of a link that opens the invoice. Any questions can be asked by sending the Clubs treasurer an email or ask when your at the Club.

The Club accepts payment by Cash, Direct Bank Deposit or Visa / Mastercard which does have fees that apply 2% +60c


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